Starter Alternator Repairing

Starter Alternator Repairing

At Sharma Auto Agency, we have over 17 years of experience in providing dependable and affordable solutions for any and all vehicles. Whether your starter & alternator needs repair or you’re in need of it’s Services, Sharma Auto Agency can help you at reasonable prices.

A bad alternator could be the cause of your dead battery.

If you’re having to constantly jump your battery, or if you just replaced it with a new battery that still doesn’t seem to hold a charge, that’s a good chance that the real problem is with your alternator.

When you’re driving your car, the alternator provides electricity to various components like your dashboard lights and air conditioner. Any extra power it creates gets stored in the car’s battery for later use. If your alternator isn’t charging your battery, then the next time you go to start your car, you have to deal with the frustration of a dead battery.

This is often misdiagnosed as a bad battery, especially if it’s an older battery, but you can save time and a further hassle by having your car serviced correctly by our trained mechanics. Bring your car or truck to our shop just NH 8 Narol-Aslali Road, Ahmedabad – 382405 for alternator replacement that you can trust.

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