Battery Maintenance Tips

Here are some car battery maintenance tips that will extend your car battery’s life. Check out the top 10 maintenance tips list:


  1. Always charge the car battery with caps in space.
  2. Always fill the battery with distilled water before charging. This reduces the space for the accumulation of gas.
  3. Place a wet cloth over the caps before charging. This prevents the chance of fire get into the battery if there is a shorting in the terminals.
  4. Do not keep any inflammable gas or liquid near the battery.
  5. The charger should be connected to the AC socket only after it is connected to the battery terminals. This prevents sparking in the terminals.
  6. Do not place any metal objects over the battery to prevent terminal shorting.
  7. Always disconnect the negative terminal first.
  8. Rock the charger clips to the terminals to remove any corroded material. If there is any corroded material, it may create high resistance that results in terminal heating or reduces the flow of charge.
  9. Do not use Bangles or Metal wearing when handling the battery charger. A shorting can burn your hands.
  10. Always use a Transformer based charger. Remove the clips only after removing the AC plug.